you people in my Mac

I have met and made “friends” with so many people on SM since joining. People from all walks at life that I’d never have met unless I was on SM.

Because of it I’ve written a book with a friend, I’ve designed a magazine cover with another, found love and been able to keep up with old friends from school.

Yes there are creepy people out there, as with real life (hey, I watched criminal minds and CSI!) but you’ve just got to weed through them and I think I sort of have that down. Either that or it’s simply a case of “awesome attracts awesome”.

I’ve been saying that I need a 365 project but have no idea what to do, I made missions to the post office and tada there was a package waiting for me from a soul I met through SM a few years back. A 365 book for drawing! What a thoughtful gift.

That get’s me. That there are still people out there like that, good people who do things just because without expecting anything in return. I hope that I can be one of those people, I think that’s why I write snail mail, no one ever writes back but I like that there’s at least a little happiness going out there and being opened up instead of bills.

Thanks Roz, you made a slow and iff day so much better. Off to have a cup of coffee and doodle in my book now!

365 project


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