4 ingredient vegan “ice cream”

We got an ice cream maker from a friend last month and I finally got around to making some! Fysh absolutely loved it, he sat watching it mix for the first few minutes before he realised it’s not instant and got bored.

Decided to give vegan ice cream a try first, because duh, but I’m sure we’ll make some “normal” ice cream for Fysh soon as well as he wasn’t 100% sold on the coconut base though he did finish off the bowl I scooped for him.

The recipe calls for agave syrup as a sweetner but you can use honey. Sugar is grainy so unless you have a coffee grinder to turn it more into a powder I wouldn’t suggest it.

Chocolate ice cream – 1 can coconut cream, 1 can coconut milk, agave to taste, cocoa to taste

Decorate or add sprinkles if you want. Fysh chose oreo’s to crush on top.

vegan ice cream

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