sunflowers and no make up selfies

Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain. Sometimes companies really just get it right. This is one of those times.

Caffeine and Fairydust asked on her facebook page what is the one thing you really want for mothers day, I didn’t have to think about it, I want flowers from Fysh. Obviously he’s too young to go out and get them himself so I was going to hint to The Person to buy me a bunch (who when I mentioned this plot to laughed at me and said I’m not his mom, the bugger) but then ABSA beat me to it.

I had a knock on the door and there was a gentleman holding up a bunch of flowers, not any flowers, some of my favourites. Sunflowers. Of course my mind races to a billion different things and reasons and my heart speeds up and I go into a mild panic because I can’t work out who they are from. You’d think that The Person would be my go to but we’re not really the flower giving type, we’re more the toilet seats and fudge brownies type so I asked the delivery man and he shrugged but pointed out the card. I signed the form and waved him off.

Gate closed and back turned I immediately went for the card. And there I stood, a smile  formed and a blogpost being written in my head.

Thank you ABSA. you did good.

media drop


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