channeling my inner pinup

Meg from Mind The Curves contacted me last week and asked if I’d be keen to do a makeover with her, as in me being the one who got the makeover. I agreed but I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been and sexy is not in my vocabulary at the moment but Meg assured me this is exactly why I need to do it.

I’m glad I did. I have curves and I need to realise they’re sexy. I’m not going to realise that overnight and I’m not going to abandon my a new weigh eating plan but at least now I can see what others see and it’s not the obese oros man that I think they see.

It started off with a full face of make up by On Q make up, false eyelashes included! Felt so weird having so much make up put on (I don’t wear any) but it felt good, like someone playing with my hair and I ended up looking like a doll. Then it was pinup hairstyle and off to shoot the first outfit (there are two).

I loved the setting from a photographers point of view but being in front of the camera is weird, you don’t know what to do with your hands and arms, do you smile or not etc. Meg gave great pointers on the pinup styled shoot about how to stand to maximise the good curves, always soft never the usual model sharp edges. But enough of that. You need to have a shoot done with her whatever size you are. She’s great and makes you feel so beautiful.

Excuse the photo bombing about to happen…








White and blue pinup dress by: Pinn’d up clothing
Black and white puff skirt: Revelation Fashion
Heart necklace: Like clockwork
Makeup by: On Q Makeup
Styling and Photography by: Meg from Mind The Curves

You can also give Mind the Curves a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more ideas and fashion tips on dressing to show off all the right curves. Plus you can just follow her cause she’s pretty too :P


20 thoughts on “channeling my inner pinup

  1. You look stunning! I would love to do something like this. The dresses are gorgeous, I especially love the black and white.

  2. You look amazing! And that skirt with the pockets?! Want!

    I love Meg. She’s so confident and amazing (and gorgeous). I had a little *star struck* moment when I went over to meet her at the #CTmeetup.


  3. You look absolutely amazing… with and without the make-up! I love the black and white outfit!
    So beautiful ♥
    Plus, I know exactly how you feel – not only am I the biggest I have ever been, I am also just not shaking the baby weight – at all. My body has changed beyond the point of recognition.

    I am so glad you did this – and I just want to add that even though you look amazeballs on these pics, your personality truly makes you even more gorgeous!

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