Dino’s and Kuga’s

Ford sent me a Kuga (yes I know, I’m a spoiled brat) with a fully stocked picnic (go on and hate me) for the family with instructions to take a mini road trip to Kirstenbosch and have a really great day so we did!

Thankfully the weather played nice and we got to lay under the trees, check out the dino exhibit and eat some really great food. When I say really great I mean that Ford completely went over board in a good way (there’s a pic in the overload with what was put together for each person).

I LOVE the Kuga, I went to the launch and was so stoked when they asked if i’d be keen for it. It’s very much a mom car but with oomph. I’ll let you know ALL about it in another post though cause we took it for a drive out to the farm (I felt a bit bad giving her back looking the way she did).


Fysh and Rudi


blue mustach

Ford Picnic 020

Ford Picnic 021

Ford Picnic 027


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