that time i did a voice over course

Sometimes the strangest opportunities come our way and if you have parents like mine then you were also brought up to grab at those opportunities when they come no matter how strange or seemingly useless they might be.

I got an invite to join in on a voice over course. I had no idea what I was in for but thought hell yes why not so I arranged a baby sitter for the time I needed to be there, got in my car and missioned off to the unknown.

It was BRILLIANT! I had absolutely no idea how much voice over actually involved. As in you can’t simply walk in there and wing it, okay maybe some people can, there’s training, voice control, reading scripts, takes, agents and all that sort of stuff involved!

Our course was really great, a lot of laughter and so very informative. I learned that my extensive reading list actually helps because I read scripts easier and also that the numero uno rule is that you never ever ever touch the mic as in ever. Don’t reach into the Mic, there are even different distances to be from it depending on what it is you’re doing the voice over for.

venturescapeAlso, you know those car adverts on 5fm, the guy with the deep voice selling them to you, he’s pretty much the voice for like everything on our radio’s really. He happens to be pretty famous in the voice over industry aaaaaaand he just so happened to be our coach. Oh yeah, I rubbed shoulders with famous people there; actors and comedians a like.

If you’re keen on doing it, I promise you’ll have a great time, then go get hold of Venturescape Studios on Twitter or Facebook and book for their next course. I’d so love to go again and see if I could get into it properly.

Oh and if you aren’t convinced to go yet then have a chat to them and you’ll find out what a lucrative business it actually is, I am totes in the wrong industry and if I had some spare moola I’d be making up a demo and sending it out. It’s fun and you get paid big time for it! From audio books and apps or games to commercials and AVP’s the options are limitless and you never know, you might be the next Steven Fry ;)



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