Dear Fysh, your confidence inspires me.

You dude have turned into one of the most confident souls I know and it’s inspiring. You used to refuse to wear certain things because in your words “my friends will laugh at me” but since changing schools you’ve really grown into yourself. I know you tell me you want to stay home and that school is boring but I can see the change in you and I know that you secretly love it.

I have had “odd” coloured hair for most your life so I think you see it as normal even though you know it’s not because it has to be coloured and isn’t natural. At first I was a little worried when you said you don’t like your blond hair you want it green but then I simply realised you’re a lot like me. I’m adamant that my hair should have been naturally blue/green but I got fucked over in the genetics department which is why I colour it.

Like me you seem to be more at ease when you’re being you. If that means wearing blue shorts with knee high orange socks then so be it, that’s you and I shouldn’t try change it. I’m definitely in no place to correct or curb your fashion sense seeing as I still wear tights as pants :P

Next year you head to school and for now it looks like you’re going to a government one (if we can convince your bided to give us his ID number so I can register you) which means uniforms and conformity. I have a feeling that like me you’re going to suffer a bit. It might be good for you, a bit of a harsh lesson on life but I promise that if I can you’ll go somewhere you can be completely who you are. Green hair, barefoot and all.

Keep on being you, no one can do it better.


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