laziest day ever

It’s a Youth day which makes it a public holiday but you know that whole working for yourself means no holidays gig? Well I decided stuff it I’m taking a holiday day and I did nothing but draw and watch movies with Fysh. Okay so maybe it wasn’t all that willingly taken, having Fysh at home means that I get nothing done on the Mac as he commandeers it to watch Johnny test or Magic School bus or whatever it is he’s currently in to. It’s annoying but that’s what happens when you don’t have TV I guess.

Currently busy with a #doodledmonsters drawing challenge that Flat White Concepts and I decided to come up with cause you know, we have nothing better to do with our free time haha. A few people are actually taking part in it so you can go follow the hashtag on instagram and check us all out. I used some of today’s down time to draw a few for those days I’m out or too busy or whatever, or for weekends when i’m not home to scan them in.

Am also working on a secret project with my sister, that’s about all I can say but I thought I’d put it out there because I swear we’re going to be the reason it snows this week. We don’t have that sisterly sister vibe going so us working together on a project is definitely something to mention.

Other than that, cuddles with my kid, pizza and hot chocolate while the rain torrents down, the cat purrs and the dog snores… I’ll say it was a winner even though it was so unproductive.


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