“father’s” day in our house

I have so much to say about father’s day and yet at the same time I feel like I’ve said it all before. Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust wrote a really nice post about it, nicer than mine is going to be that’s for sure.

I celebrate father’s day, we do every year. Myself and Fysh cause in essence I’m both. I wear the mom hat and the dad hat.

The Person is in our life now, for the second father’s day but we’ve had this discussion time and again, he’s not Fysh’s dad and he won’t ever be but he is a dad like figure, he’s a good influence and he’s someone for Fysh to look up to. He’s a man I’m glad Fysh can be around and hero worship, cause he does.

It hurts when Fysh gives me a card and says “I made this for you cause my dad doesn’t deserve one and I love you doubly” actually his exact words were “my dad sucks and I love you doubly”. But he’s right though, biodad doesn’t deserve one. Maybe one day he’ll man up and get back in touch with us, get involved in Fysh’s life. We’re doing well without him but for Fysh’s sake it would be nice if he showed a little curiosity if nothing else.

This year though he’s finally in a school that actually takes into consideration that it’s just the two of us and instead of everything coming home with “dad” on it like it used to at his old school Teacher K let him customise it for mommy. She asked him what he wanted and he said mommy likes foxes so he got to colour and cut one and stick it on a card which he decorated and wrote in “i love mommy”. I cried a little when I got it, no jokes, I really did because it’s damn thoughtful. We’re really really going to miss Teacher K next year!

So here’s to all the single moms. Scratch that, here’s to all the moms who do it completely alone because let’s face it a lot of “single moms” share custody with the dad and those I’m talking to are the ones who put on both hats, the ones like me who have their kids day in and day out with maybe the occasional night off if you’re lucky enough to have granny around like I do.

So here’s to you moms. Happy father’s day.
You deserve it.


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