i’m definitely a 1 kid mama

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they were hoping there’d be a sibling fysh one day but *pop*

I am most definitely a 1 mama kid. Actually, rewind 7 years and I’d have told you the same thing, well I’d have said no kids, maybe maybe one. So I have the one and that’s where I draw the line. Thankfully The Person doesn’t seem to be hung ho on a mini version of himself so that’s a relief, or if he is he hides his dismay at my resounding no quite well.

Yes occasionally I’ve thought about another one, mainly I’ve thought about a little girl I can dress up in tutu’s and band tshirts but then I may as well get a doll cause I know that the “mom can dress you how she likes” phase doesn’t last very long. I have a 5 year old you have to take shopping to let him choose out his own clothes or he’ll refuse to wear them.

Today I looked after 3 kids. Fysh, my housemate’s daughter and a neighbour’s daughter. They looked after themselves for the most part, I baked cupcakes and let them ice it and threw food at them occasionally when they complained of starvation but other than that it was games of hide and seek and movies while I crocheted mermaids. Despite them being pleasantly easy to look after I was exhausted come half two and ready for everyone to go home.

It’s not so much the kids themselves, it’s the noise, the different pitch tones. I’m used to x amount of voices max in my house and there were more, our cleaner also happened to be here at the same time and my dad was also here for the daytime hours with his phone on speaker a lot for work calls so between him yelling to quiet down, the kids, the vacuum, the washing machine, the TV and and and… I just wanted to pop a handful of myprodol for the growing migraine and crawl under the bed.


I survived day 1 of the school holidays. Only 3 more weeks to go…


One thought on “i’m definitely a 1 kid mama

  1. Yes I hear you! Going from one kid to two or three or four or whatever is hard. Well I can only speak from experience of going from one kid to two and it’s hard. Everything doubles. The love, yes, it doubles, but damn so does the work and the noise and there are times when I listen to them fighting that I wonder why on earth I was so desperate for another one!

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