my love language is affirmation

There are 5 love languages and I have come to realise that my love language is words of affirmation. I need to hear I’m doing well and that I’m loved else I fall into a deep dark hole of self doubt and loathing. I don’t talk properly to myself, I struggle with that, always have but I have a tribe that seems to sense this and are often reassuring me. The Person more so than anyone. He’s my very own cheerleader. Him and Our Real Real Life.

I’ve said before how I love the internet and social media, both of them are in my life because of it and I can’t thanks the universe enough for them. Yeah O and I haven’t met in person yet but she’s like the big sister I never had, she gets me, it’s like our brains are synched and there’s no “I’m okay” cause the answer following it will be “bullshit, what’s wrong”. And The Person, well you know about him. He’s put up with me for a year and a half now (where did time go?!) and he’s still as awesome as the day I met him, more so actually cause now he loves me :P

So maybe that’s why I blog, so people can hear what I have to say and occasionally tell me I’m doing a good job. It’s not for the attention, never has been. Attention and affirmation are two different things. But yes. I’ve learned this and I just wanted to say thank you to each of you who has left a comment anywhere for me to read, those who follow on social media and always root on my drawings or creations. You’re all amazing.

Now I just need to get my blogging mojo back again so that I can bring this baby back to life. Someone send me something to write about or send me somewhere to write about.

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