back to “normality”

It’s back to school today and I’m breathing a small sigh of relief.

A 3 week holiday ends up feeling more like a year!I love Fysh and he’s really easy to have around, he’s not all that demanding except for the “I’m hungry” that you hear every 10 to 15 minutes (damn boys can eat!) but at the same time it’s not easy working when he’s home either cause we don’t have a TV which means that he watches on my Mac which in turn means I struggle to work because most of what I do is on the Mac. Thankfully I took on a project that had a lot of physical pen to paper drawing so I could do that during the day and then do all the Mac work once Fysh went to bed at night. Meant 4am wake ups and after midnight sleeps but I managed to work it and get it done.

It’s made me rethink homeschooling for now. Maybe if I was getting maintenance and I only had to work a few jobs a month it would be perfect, this holiday made me realise I don’t mind being around him all the time and we work well together it’s just carving time between working and schooling that’s hard.

Speaking of schooling… it’s the last term now which means I have to go enrol him in a school. We still have NO idea where to send him. I have a fall back school in mind and am hoping they will take in the enrolment papers without demanding a birth certificate because with the biodad being an ass about giving me his ID number we’re struggling to get that. Off to family court and then the british embassy. Going to be a long process but it’ll give me something to blog about.

And on the blog front – we’re busy moving! The blog that is, we’re heading over to self hosted with a whole new look and feel, a bit of a rebranding as well in the works as well. Giving it a new lease on life so that I hopefully get my oomph back again.

Lots to catch up on, for now it’s the work that I haven’t been able to do with the mini at home.

Stay warm x


One thought on “back to “normality”

  1. I think many parents are glad that it’s back to school today. I do think homeschooling is for those few that do not need to make an income and can be a full time teacher. Best of luck!

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