you need to get yourself the worlds best pan!

Remember when I told you about that time that Neill Anthony cooked lunch for me? Well the whole reason was because they were launching a pan, and not just any pan… the world’s BEST pan. That’s actually what it’s called, it’s printed on the label and everything. And you know what? They aren’t kidding either, they have full reason to call it that.

I was sent one of said pans and it’s pretty much all I use now. NOTHING sticks to it! I tend to burn bacon, break eggs and flop pancakes but this little pan has become my new secret weapon. I can flip an egg, as in properly flip it over without using a spatula, my bacon comes out perfectly and the pancakes make me look like a pro. Yesterday I made meatballs in it and they were loved by all.

A few interesting and more technical facts about it:

The pan keeps its shape under all circumstances – even during extreme temperature changes thanks to its 9-10mm thick Aluminium base. The Aluminium structure also guarantees a quick heat transition into the pan and an excellent and uniform heat distribution on the surface, allowing for even cooking throughout as a result of its efficient heat distribution and retention.  It is the first cookware range to be awarded with an Energy Efficiency certificate “Class A” from the German TUV.

The range has been developed in close association with the German National Culinary Team resulting in innovative, functional items.  Heat-resistant handles (up to 240 °C) allow for gratinating in the oven directly after frying on the hob without the need to switch cookware.

AMT Gastroguss cookware is produced piece by piece in an in-house foundry in Germany and is subjected to strict quality controls and continuous testing. The unique casting process creates a tension free microstructure, a prerequisite to guarantee the warp free base of our cookware. All further manufacturing procedures are performed on-site manually up to the finishing process with premium quality Lotan® non-stick coating. The high-quality non-stick surface, which is PFOA free, consists of four layers and contains ceramic particles to enhance the cooking experience and lifetime of the product. This plasma finishing is exceptionally tough and is extremely well suited for professionals and households alike.

In easy english – it fucking rocks! I have tried numerous other pans, from cheap checkers ones to name brand ones and this one is by far my favourite (they did not pay me to say this)

Also… it’s heavy and makes a great weapon against burglars if you get a good wind up swing going…

image from yuppie chef

*image from yuppie chef


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