best vegan cake

Decided to try make my favourite cake/cupcake recipe a vegan one and what a success!!! It came out a little heavier than the original recipe but it went down really well with everyone and it works perfectly for both a cake and for cupcakes. Not gluten free but I’m sure you could make it one […]

because I’m awesome like that

So this momma got creative yesterday and decided that it would be a good idea to bake heart shaped biscuits to send with Fysh to school. Cause I’m the super cool mom you know, the one that other moms love to hate cause I do thoughtful things like send each kid (and teacher) a little […]

from hogsmead with love…

It’s that wonderful hallmark holiday today, you know the one – it’s that one that rubs it in your face that you’re single and have to buy your own flowers. Not that I want flowers seeing as they keel over after a few days anyway but you get the point. And on that note… I […]

favourite baking recipe

Now why would I want to share with you my all time favourite, blonde proof, flop proof, easy as pie recipe?! Because I’m nice like that that’s why… This is my go-to recipe when I want to whip up a quick cake or cupcakes: Go to pick and pay or checkers and buy one of those […]

home-made clay decorations

I decided that even though finances are screaming “cancel Christmas” we are going to make it an awesome one and after winning a competition I entered on diaries of a white mom raising a black baby for a trash can kidz doll to put under the tree for Fysh (still in shock and beyond ecstatic, […]