illustration workshop hosted by ME!

Illustration A fun workshop with watercolours and pencils, putting pictures to words Price: R480.00 Time: 2-5pm Date: 12 September 2015 Venue: I Love My Laundry, 50 Buitenkant Street, East City, Cape Town. What you get: A watercolour starter kit, paintbrushes, pencils, an eraser and a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. (Should you want […]

your opinion is needed

I was granted an amazing opportunity to have cards printed at industry standard and mass printing costs, something that not many people are offered and I am over the moon. I’ve been wanting to have cards printed along with the tshirts that I’m planning to do but obviously you have to take into consideration what […]

you NEED christmas gifts…

Guess what?! There are only 79 days left till xmas! Scary right?! Have you started shopping yet, gotten your xmas cards ready yet? No? Well yay for me then because you NEED to order a family portrait from me. They make great cards/gifts ;) Snail mail is coming back and how nice would it be […]

blue walker

Right, so after years of saying I’ve finally decided to do. I’m writing a book but not a book book an illustrated one using my little redhead. I’ve penned down elements of the story but now just have to work them into a storyline then illustrate and word it. Maybe she’ll turn into an actual […]

i have a question…

Most of you know the issue I’m having with insurance not paying for the 17k damages to my car as well as the fact that according to the bank I don’t earn enough to qualify for a personal loan (seriously?! that’s why I frigging applied you twats!) You’ll also know that I hate asking for […]


Not sure who started the whole #movember thing originally but I know it’s in support of testicular cancer (I think) and because I shaved my head for cancer in March I thought I’d join in this month. (well at least catching the end of it anyway). Yeah… I can’t grow a mo but here’s my […]

the storyteller

This is Scéalai, she’s a work in progress. She’s going to be helping me illustrate what it’s like living with / having biopolar II as well as Aspergers, ADHD, anxiety, and all the lovely things that make me, well ME. From the good stuff to the not so nice stuff. I have a lot of […]