channeling my inner pinup

Meg from Mind The Curves contacted me last week and asked if I’d be keen to do a makeover with her, as in me being the one who got the makeover. I agreed but I’ll admit I was hesitant. I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been and sexy is not in my vocabulary at […]

4 ingredient vegan “ice cream”

We got an ice cream maker from a friend last month and I finally got around to making some! Fysh absolutely loved it, he sat watching it mix for the first few minutes before he realised it’s not instant and got bored. Decided to give vegan ice cream a try first, because duh, but I’m […]

kirstenbosch botanical gardens

Every now and them mum arranges a “picnic day” for all her kids (our people are her kids to apparently) so we all packed in some food and drinks and headed to kirstenosch for a morning of walks, magic tricks, good food and even better company :)              

365 happy days

Last year I joined the 100 happy days movement and actually stuck with it for a hundred days! I felt like it made me happier, okay maybe not happier but forcing myself to find something good in each day really helps keep “the darkness” at bay, some days it’s really hard and I struggle to […]

naartjie schmodel

Did you know that Naarjie has a new online store? And it’s SO simple to use plus the added bonus with shopping online (in my opinion) is that you don’t need to venture into the mall to shop. Delivery is fast and efficient as well, our goods arrived about 3 days after ordering, it even […]

mind the curves

On Sunday we packed in the camera, tried to watch a movie  (it was a fail of note thanks to the rolling power outages) and then headed off to the other side of the mountain where we had lunch at cape to cuba – I LOVED the fact that you can sit in rickety old […]