4 ingredient vegan “ice cream”

We got an ice cream maker from a friend last month and I finally got around to making some! Fysh absolutely loved it, he sat watching it mix for the first few minutes before he realised it’s not instant and got bored. Decided to give vegan ice cream a try first, because duh, but I’m […]

the #CTMomBlogMeet at @grazecapetown

Cindy from 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 old house arranged a fantastic meet up for mommy bloggers, it was amazing! We all met at Graze in Kenilworth which is the cutest and most accommodating cafe I’ve been to in a long time. Despite having a set menu they actually whipped up the most divine salad […]

Fatness to fitness

At the beginning of last year I took part in an A New Weigh Fat to Fit challenge and I did extremely well, I hit my goal weight and was finally happy with what I saw in the mirror but then things happened and I sat without work which meant that meals were pasta because it’s affordable […]

best vegan cake

Decided to try make my favourite cake/cupcake recipe a vegan one and what a success!!! It came out a little heavier than the original recipe but it went down really well with everyone and it works perfectly for both a cake and for cupcakes. Not gluten free but I’m sure you could make it one […]

a lot can happen in 12 weeks

There are all those motivational pictures spread out over the web saying things like “a year from now you’ll wish you’d started today” or “yesterday you said tomorrow” and so on. Well I’ve gone and proven to myself how damn true those things are (but in a positive way) and just how much you can […]

fat to fit – week 4

Yesterday was the weekly weigh in and cm check and cause it’s Monday I naturally have to blog about it. You’re welcome to close the post or delete the email now if you’d rather not read about my updates. It’s also a really personal and revealing post. It was my 4th weigh in (technically my […]

fat to fit – week 3

Before I start with this update – I’ve seen a few people on twitter and facebook bitch about everyone going on and on about the diets they’re on etc. So if you’re feeling the same way then suck it up jealous person just a heads up that you might want to give my blog a […]