chapter 37

read chapter 36 here with greenlydia I wake up slowly, stretch lightly and try roll onto my side but I’m pinned down by Michaels arm slung over my chest. I smile and feel all giddy inside, after all this time the thought that we’re together still excites me, this man makes me happy. I lay watching […]

chapter 35

Read chapter 34 here with greenlydia   There’s a mail from Iris in my inbox, I saw it there when I logged on this morning but something stopped me from opening it, I know I told her I want to know everything but I have a strong feeling that that email is going to turn […]

chapter 33

Read chapter 32 here with greenlydia It’s been raining all week and I’ve been moping around inside seeing as these casts stop me from running around in the rain, I may not like it but at least I got a whole lot of work done. But the sun is out today and I got a message […]

chapter 31

Read chapter 30 here with greenlydia  I awkwardly stand leaning up against the counter top and squeeze the piping bag with my good hand, I don’t know why I always set challenges like this for myself but I was bored and decided I wanted cupcakes so I carved out a section of the kitchen for […]

chapter 27

you can read chapter 26 here with greenlydia     I won’t say I’ve become the master of this walking thing just yet, we really do take simple things for granted, but I can officially get myself to the bathroom and down to the cafeteria all on my own, the latter which of course had […]

chapter 25

Read chapter 24 with greenlydia I skim through all my emails mostly keeping an eye out for anything from Iris, there are a few and each more frantic than the next. I hate that I made so many people worry and I hope that my email has reached her before she hit total breaking point. […]