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Review/free stuff…
So you want to send either Fysh or myself something to test out, to review, to brag about or to simply comment on because we are so fabulous? Well you are more than welcome to; we love free stuff – who doesn’t  and seeing as we’re an only parent household we love it even more.

Want to do a review/giveaway combination?
These are the best! Because we get some free stuff and other people get free stuff and you get a whole lot of marketing/exposure done for you seeing as we’ll of course brag about it all over the interwebs and you know how word spreads these days…

Want to advertise?
Now why would you want to do that? Oh yeah, cause I’m awesome and so is this blog and people love us and you love us and you know it will be worth every penny cent rand!

Cell: that would mean I own a cellphone, which I don’t because it died and I haven’t gotten round to replacing it yet.
Address: 193 Circle Road, Table View, Cape Town, 7441

Or simply fill out the contact form below…

Looking forward to doing business with you, hearing from you or running away from you ;)

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