confession time

i know i’ve been extremely slack with sharing my fat 2 fit 12 week challenge results with you and i know excuses are for the lazy trying to lessen the guilt but with the effed up sleeping (more like lack there of) and hitting a plateau i got really despondant and unmotivated. even though i […]

cacao and hemp

i grew up with all sorts of pets; from the usual hamsters, fish, budgies, cats and dogs to rescued ravens, seagulls, little birds who’d fallen out their nests and chameleons… even now i house a rescued border collie, hedgehog and several fish. rats were probably my favourite though so i decided that i wanted to […]


I am so tired that I have to use a pilates ball as my office chair simply to ensure that I don’t fall asleep at my desk. It works just so by the way… Not at all a fan of clinic days considering all they come with but I’ll admit that today I can’t wait […]

3am rambles

you’re insane ‘they’ said. she believed them. she let it consume her. she let it define her. You don’t understand. You never will. Spoken words take on a life, they are able to morph into pernicious blades of fear. They can capture and torture you, make you bleed and form deep caverns of self loathing. […]

wine stomping


Isn’t it funny how things work? How one random tweet can lead to a great friendship? Well thanks to said tweet last year I am able to write this post and offer up this freaking amazing “once in a lifetime experience” kind of giveaway (well for those of you who are in the cape town […]

Therapy – Sebastian Fitzek

In Sebastian Fitzek’s wildly implausible but mesmerizing mystery thriller, “Therapy,” the fragmented chapters wheel and turn in unpredictable directions, the reader always plunging after a narrator who disappears around the corner. Four years after his then-12-year-old daughter’s disappearance, Viktor Larenz, once a famous psychiatrist and media personality in Berlin, finds himself strapped to a bed […]