this isn’t autumn

I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to be in autumn already aren’t we? We have to be, my birthday is only two and a bit weeks away (yay) so we should be… But it would seem that yet again Cape Town missed the weather memo. Nothing new there. So Fysh and I headed off to […]


bloggers invade a Rain forest

Not a rain forest as in an actual one, but a forest none the less. We (a bunch of bloggers) got in our vehicles and missioned 2 1/2 hours away from our pretty little city all the way out past Hermanus to the a rare South African forest jewel with ancient tree specimens of over […]

The R44 market

First time heading to the R44 market and it reminded me a lot of a giant version of the Biscuit Mill market but better cause there is a little more space to move around where as at the Biscuit Mill you’re so squished and bumped and poked that it’s actually unpleasant (reason I only went […]

saturday in somerset

Just a really chilled day saying bye to Shamus in the morning seeing as he’s off to France to bring a yacht back, should take him maybe 3 months but 4 if they run into nasty weather which they might considering the atlantic in winter is not the prettiest place to be… Then off to […]

win a baby hamper and win some more

I like Checkers, always have and probably always will (unless there’s some major incident) so when they asked if I’d like to run a small giveaway to help build awareness of their extensive depth of products they stock for babies I said of course because which momma out there wouldn’t like to know where to get great products at […]

a lot can happen in 12 weeks

There are all those motivational pictures spread out over the web saying things like “a year from now you’ll wish you’d started today” or “yesterday you said tomorrow” and so on. Well I’ve gone and proven to myself how damn true those things are (but in a positive way) and just how much you can […]

bucket list item. check!

Can you say you’ve swam in wine? As in literally up to your neck in a giant vat/pool swam in it? No? Well HA! cause I can :P Saturday was the LONG awaited STOMP AND SIP day at Beau Joubert which I can report was worth the wait. The event started with a hunt for […]