wheat free vegan cupcakes – banana and peanutbutter

We were invited to a vintage themed farewell for one of The Person’s friends and I suggested we take cupcakes (cause momma taught me never to show up empty handed) and he mentioned that she is wheat intolerant so I decided hell, let’s bake some wheat free vegan cupcakes… For the cake you’ll need: • […]

Things to do – Spier Wine Farm

When was the last time you were at Spier? I’ll admit that up until easter it had been a while for me, as like most of you I thought there was nothing to do now that the cheetahs are gone and Moyo has closed down but there is SO MUCH more to the stunning “little” […]

under construction

A twitter bloggy friend turned real friend has inspired me to “upgrade” the blog a bit. Hopefully when it’s all shiny new I’ll be inspired to update more regularly again (been a bad blogger I know). So while I’m making it all pretty why don’t you let me know what you want to read more […]


Posting this for all of you to see/watch is a little ironic and if you take the 4 minutes and 58 seconds to watch it you’ll understand why I say so but it’s something I can’t not share with you. I’m guilty of this as well and it’s like a poke in the ribs but […]

One plus One

This is another book in Moyes arsenal that hits hard and doesn’t apologize for what it is: a story about the strength of a family being a one family – no matter how strange and seemingly unfitting ways the pieces go together. In ONE PLUS ONE, Moyes introduces us to two people who are in a […]

shades of thankful

This weekend was amazing inspiring beautiful deserved appreciated more. This weekend was more than I can put into words, more than I could try and draw explanations of, more than I could think to even start being thankful for. This weekend was more than more. Momma’s gift to me was to watch the minion for the entire long weekend so […]