fat to fit – week 3

Before I start with this update – I’ve seen a few people on twitter and facebook bitch about everyone going on and on about the diets they’re on etc. So if you’re feeling the same way then suck it up jealous person just a heads up that you might want to give my blog a […]

the weekend in photos…

F R I D A Y – pitched up to work wearing two different shoes (one doodled on and one not) and when the boss pointed it out I asked if it looked funny and his response was “on you? no.” < good answer Mr bossman! – then got off work for a few hours […]

forever & always – book review

I was sent this book by the beautiful author herself and after enjoying so many of her other books I didn’t think twice when asked to do a read/review on it. It took my a while to read but it was in no way the books fault, simply no time to keep up with my […]

i need a soapbox moment

I know this is one of those controversial subjects that are completely taboo and no one dares write about it unless they’re trying to bash their beliefs into you but then again I blog about borderline personality disorder and bipolar depression so we all know I don’t really give a crap about what we should […]


hey you! yes you. you are beautiful

We’re all full of insecurities, we can all point out at least one thing that we don’t like about how we look and I’m pretty sure that most models feel the same way. I know that I have several things I want to change. I’m going to share them with you and then explain something. […]


fat to fit – week 2

Right, so you know I’m on the A New Weigh Fat to Fit 12 week challenge and last weekend was my very first weigh in which makes this past weekend my second weigh in. I meant to post it after I weighed – even though I was away I still weighed as the friend I […]


oh for the love of washitape!

Heard about washitape yet? You haven’t?! Where do you live, under a rock?! No I kid, up until I received my secret santa gift last year I didn’t really know what all the fuss was about either. Needless to say I now own several rolls and all my gifts tend to be wrapped up in […]