bullet point sunday

Stayed over in Somerset West with “The Person” again Made “The Person” breakfast Went for a really nice walk along the river Sat in a tree for a while just listening to the river flow over the water smoothed rocks Fetched fresh fish from my uncle Drove to momma to drop off some fish and […]


As pointed out by a friend this weekend – I have THE worst car luck ever. And that’s in no way an exaggeration. We know of the drama I had with my car late last year that resulted in the engine being overhauled and the radiator needing to be replaced etc. But it really starts long […]

*happy tears*

Yesterday I wrote a post on Fysh’s first term grade RR report and there were mixed feelings on it from both my readers and myself.  I’ve mentioned,as I have countless times before, that I’d love to homeschool him instead of normal school and just send him for extra mural activities so he can socialise with […]

term 1 report

In grade RR the kids apparently have actual reports sent home, I was emailed Fysh’s this one a few minutes ago and it actually has me shaking my head… seriously? THIS is what our kids are judged on?! Damnit, no wonder I hated school (though I loved the learning bit). Some of the more bizarre […]

the #bwb take over the @bedouindeli in woodstock

Frightening how speedily time passes us by, on Saturday we had our 2nd #BWB get together which means it’s been 6 weeks since the last one already (holy purple socks on a rooster!) and it was lovely seeing all the faces behind the blogs and tweets again as well as some new ones that have […]

secret worlds and silly stories

I’ve read a few times that results of studies show that creative and depressed people are generally those with an above average IQ. I know that when I took the test in school I scored higher and also tested with a slight learning disability (would have been nice if teachers had taken all this into […]