A-Z of the birthday roadtrip

A Apples – fresh farm apples! Accents – so many different accents heard at the backpackers Assholes – far too many of them on the road Art – got so much drawing done, forest settings and chilled vibes makes for great inspiration B Burgers – some of the best burgers at the most random little […]

best vegan cake

Decided to try make my favourite cake/cupcake recipe a vegan one and what a success!!! It came out a little heavier than the original recipe but it went down really well with everyone and it works perfectly for both a cake and for cupcakes. Not gluten free but I’m sure you could make it one […]

Dear Fysh

So you’re 245 weeks 5 days old today! Wow where has time gone… It’s my birthday in 5 days which means momma turns 26 and in 15 weeks it will be your 5th birthday. Your FIFTH! A lot has happened since I last updated you and I’m sorry, things have been hectic here with switching […]

damn student sailors

This morning I got a call from work – yes I unfortunately have to answer the phone when work calls but thankfully they only call in emergency else they whatsapp instead – asking saying pleading that I head on down to Langebaan to fetch 2 of the students cause the boat is staying therefor the […]