custom cupcakes anyone?

The lovely Meg from Mind The Curves and her friend Caryn decided to put their heads and talents together and they came up with “custom cupcakes” a delicious new take on the cupcake business. What do I mean? Well… they have a menu and you get to pick your cupcake flavour, filling and icing! Yes, […]

a bunny loving giveaway

I have a simple little heart that I got from the Flat White meet up last year and thought I just had to add to it so I got a little wishbone. Adorable right? I got a little bunny as well but have decided that instead of keeping it for myself I’m going to give […]

wouldn’t you be upset?

I let Fysh’s aunt fetch him for an ice cream at the beach, Fysh was at mum so she picked him up and dropped him off there again. Nothing out of the ordinary, she tries to make an effort to be in his life and to see him and I’m thankful for that. What I […]


You should visit Greyton

Even though we’d agreed we’d stay home for our anniversary The Person decided to overrule this decision and packed us up in his merc and drove us off to Greyton. Greyton is a small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains with a big old river flowing by. The people are your typical […]

three hundred and sixty five ish days

So it’s our anniversary. Kinda. (The person decided that February 20th is the date but I’m convinced it’s March, we agreed on February and now he’s thinking it probably was March *insert smug smile* we’ll just celebrate twice.) It’s still weird to think that we’ve been together for so long, I guess it isn’t really […]

thank you @stylebarsa!

We all know I’m no beauty blogger, I can try and pretend that I am but I wouldn’t be fooling anyone BUT one aspect of beauty blogging I have down pat – my hair. I have been every colour and cut you can think of, from a green mohawk and pink dreads to shaved off […]