It’s alright if I take a moment to punch the wall and scream and cry into a pillow right? I just sent the minion to bed a half hour early because I simply can not deal today. I have been feeling “wishy washy” all day and it just got progressively worse. By the time home-time […]

handmade bags, poppers and sushi

Yesterday was the hallmark holiday that the majority of the population dreads and the other part loves with far too much of a passion. We didn’t outright say we weren’t celebrating it but there was a mutual agreement that we weren’t going to do the whole hearts and flowers thing. This morning we missioned through to […]


jonkershoek hearts day hike

We decided to hike the Jonkershoek trail for valentines day, it’s just another hallmark holiday and though we didn’t want to do anything hearts and flowers we still wanted to do something so we decided that a little “family” outing was a good idea. And good plan it was. We of course forgot our water […]

Dear Person.

Tomorrow is that one day a year that you’ve got to declare your love to your loved ones but in my opinion if they don’t already know how you feel about them then you’re clearly doing something wrong. One day a year shouldn’t be about flowers and hearts and all that nausea inducing hallmark crap […]


Fysh and Salem

We got guinea pigs earlier this week so of course they had to feature today. I love that Fysh is now “it’s photo day!” when I tell him it’s Friday. We have two guinea’s but Jack is a bit of a wild child and doesn’t like sitting still for photos so Salem was roped in […]