when I grow up

It’s back to school and that means my “little” is officially in grade R now! Where the hell has time gone? A friend has nicknamed her daughter “the time vortex” and I could’ have described kids better, you don’t realise how quickly life passes you by until you have a child! Every year on the first day […]


fatness to fitness – week one

I was beyond nervous getting on the scale this morning as last week was really difficult and I was sick over the weekend (still am) but despite that there are results! I don’t expect numbers like this every week as I know the first few will be quicker because I have more to lose but it makes me […]


*vent post*

Last week I shared a photo where I explained thoughts going around in my head. Let me get one thing straight. I do NOT post any posts I do for attention, I don’t let you know what’s happening inside my head for the likes or comments or sympathy, I tell you what’s going on because […]


the voices in my head

It’s been a good week in the sense of good things happening but I’m not feeling it. Gym makes me happy and I’m excited to be back but at the same time it’s at boxing that I can feel all the weight I put on most, it slows me down, my muscles are weak and […]


Fysh Fashions

It’s FRIDAY! And I am so beyond ready to get this week over and done with, I think Fysh feels the same cause he wasn’t all that into the photos and wanted them over and done with pretty quickly. It’s skulls again this week!


Here’s something you can add to your daily routine with your kids

If you missed my post about the awesome M-Net Movies Family activation last month, you also missed out on some really cool arts and crafts! Luckily, M-Net Movies Family loves parents so much; they’ve set up a dedicated Pinterest page filled with fun activities to keep little hands busy. The best part about it is […]