it’s okay. the book

I watched To write love on her arms (the movie) this weekend and it struck a very big chord with me. If you are/know/love someone with an addiction/disorder/who self harms then PLEASE make an effort to watch it. Because of it my doodles were a little more personal and I doodled a little girl holding […]

bunless chickpea burgers

We had the most amazing burgers last night and I just have to share it so you can go make your own and have a moment as well. So here goes: blend soaked chickpeas until not quite smooth like for humus, add chop onion, parsley, chillies (optional) salt pepper etc. Add in flour and one […]

stuff you Michael Buble

We were supposed to go see Elf at the waterfront last night, we were all really excited; the picnic basket was packed and blankets were folded. But no one mentioned that Michael Buble was going to be in town… The Person got stuck in traffic for 3 1/2 hours and then because he drives an […]

*scratches head*

We had our first (and hopefully last) run in with lice this weekend *shivers*. What was worse is that The Person and I had to do our hair as well and we found a little critter or two in our hair. So grossed out. Do you know how difficult it is when you have long […]


pretty toes

I have found the best pedicure giving person (pedicurist?) around and the best news is he doesn’t even charge! So he might colour outside the lines a little and I might end up sporting different coloured nails on each foot but he loves it and who am I to deny him that. Although… He hasn’t […]

this school thing

Fysh is grade 1 next year *cue wtf face* which means we’re now at that point where it’s time to pick schools. Enrollments open second term and that means deposits and decisions. Big decisions. Huge decisions. Life altering decisions. And I have no idea what the fuck we’re going to do. There are several options to choose […]

skinnies in obz

We had to run into observatory to pick up The Person’s drill from a friend so we can make some grow boxes this weekend and decided to stop for a drink before we headed off. You know, make the drive there worth more than a quick 5 minutes. Honeybun is a quirky little corner cafe […]