Dear Fysh, your confidence inspires me.

You dude have turned into one of the most confident souls I know and it’s inspiring. You used to refuse to wear certain things because in your words “my friends will laugh at me” but since changing schools you’ve really grown into yourself. I know you tell me you want to stay home and that […]

blue hair don’t care

So Fysh came to ask me if he could colour his hair blue, now he’s been asking this for a while and I keep brushing it off. He has this thing about being the only blonde, he used to love it when I was blonde but now that I have dark hair he doesn’t want […]

I need my weirdness back

Right, that title is a little hypocritical seeing as I struggle fitting in and still have a few issues about people not understanding me and seeing me as the oddball. But in this case I’m not talking personality at all, I’m talking about my hair. I started colouring my hair in 2000 (I was grade […]

pink and blue makes purple

A few days back I was chatting to someone about my purple hair on twitter (sorry but i can’t remember who) and @pinkhairgirl mentioned to the chatter that she happens to be running a giveaway on her blog for a tub of Manic Panic from AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium. Pinky (aptly named for her luminous pink […]