i has the blogging sads

I feel like I’ve been failing as a blogger lately, I hardly post and when I have stuff to post I simply don’t feel like it. The blogging world has become so fickle and judgey, not that I really give a damn but it does make it unpleasant to write when people send you bitchy […]

the castle of cupcakes

We got a lovely book in the post called The Castle of Cupcakes by Lynn Bedford Hall (the food writer) and of course I couldn’t wait to get home and read it to Fysh, who by the way thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a story about Mattie who enters a secret dreamworld of animals every night, […]

your opinion is needed

I was granted an amazing opportunity to have cards printed at industry standard and mass printing costs, something that not many people are offered and I am over the moon. I’ve been wanting to have cards printed along with the tshirts that I’m planning to do but obviously you have to take into consideration what […]

it’s okay. the book

I watched To write love on her arms (the movie) this weekend and it struck a very big chord with me. If you are/know/love someone with an addiction/disorder/who self harms then PLEASE make an effort to watch it. Because of it my doodles were a little more personal and I doodled a little girl holding […]


pretty toes

I have found the best pedicure giving person (pedicurist?) around and the best news is he doesn’t even charge! So he might colour outside the lines a little and I might end up sporting different coloured nails on each foot but he loves it and who am I to deny him that. Although… He hasn’t […]


Since we wrote a book (WE WROTE A BOOK!) the writing bug has bit and while we’re working on book 2 we’ve decided to start a new little collaboration between four bloggers this time: #ProjectPoetry The plan: 4 pieces a week. In each poem a random sentence is highlighted and that will become the first […]

chapter 39

read chapter 38 here with greenlydia   I roll over and groan, I feel horrible, like I have a bad hangover or something of the sort but I haven’t been drinking which leaves the dreaded flu creeping in as an explanation. Or perhaps it’s from all the crying last week and it’s catching up to […]