starting march off right

Usually Sunday’s are spent lazing about doing absolutely nothing but for some reason today isn’t a normal Sunday, it’s the first of the month and something must have sparked in us cause we got busy. An early start to the day thanks to Fysh and his body clock waking him up at 06:30 but we […]

favourite time of the year #blogvember

Autumn, hands down autumn and second up spring. I adore the mid-seasons, the sun is warm but not blistering and the cold is cool but not biting. I love the overcast days that only lightly nip at your toes and the lack of harsh winds. I like watching the leaves change colour and leave the […]

Tales of a lemon tree

I have this lemon tree in my yard, she a petite little thing but fierce and protective of her fruits, she always comes off better when going up against her and her thorny armour. But don’t let looks fool you, she’s strong and a real survivor with the sweetest fruits. Every year she gets neglected […]

this isn’t autumn

I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to be in autumn already aren’t we? We have to be, my birthday is only two and a bit weeks away (yay) so we should be… But it would seem that yet again Cape Town missed the weather memo. Nothing new there. So Fysh and I headed off to […]

dear summer please GO AWAY!

I’M MELTING! Or at least I’m dehydrating anyway. You know you aren’t supposed to consume more than 5litres of water in one day (unless you’re doing some extremely intense training) else you run the risk of water intoxication (yes it’s a real thing) and yesterday and today I swear I am near risking it. I […]