birthday happies to The Person

There’s this soul that mine connects with and loves wholly. It’s beautiful, determined and has the childlike desire to learn everything. And as a bonus it comes packaged as one seriously good looking human being. He’s my friend, my love and happy maker. And today I get to celebrate his birth into this world. Happy […]

cake, jungle gyms and curry

It was my birthday on the 28th and I wasn’t going to really do anything to celebrate it but then I won a cake on Caffeine and Fairydust‘s blog from Bosworth Bakery so I decided to take it as a sign and set up a day to invite everyone to celebrate with me. I tend […]

because @stylebar makes me look pretty

I was fortunate enough to have another session booked at stylebar as a treat for my birthday. Man I love them, they’re seriously my favourite hair salon, and you shouldn’t take that lightly cause I don’t trust just anyone with my hair, like I said before, I even cut it myself I’m so untrusting. But […]

27th sun rotation

It’s my birthday! The annual celebration of my rotation around the sun. I’m sort of sad to see 26 go, it was a good year, highs and lows but mostly really good then again if it was so good I can only imagine how great 27 is going to be. Yes I was spoiled, I […]

the abandoned Rhodes zoo

I’ve heard about this zoo time and again but have never been, this morning I mentioned it to The Person and he decided we need to go. It’s actually pretty easy to get there and there’s no entry fee – it being abandoned and all. It feels so rich in stories and standing in the […]

48 years ago today…

Today 48 years ago today one of the strongest souls I have met was born. She is an idol and my hero and I aspire to be like her on a daily basis. She’s the soul who survived a colic firstborn and still saw the courage to have more kids and then went on to […]

25 before 26 – update

So other than the stifling heat today I don’t have much to post about and I’m sort of avoiding sending all the emails I need to. Y’all can hang on until I’m back at work on Monday right? Thanks ;) Seeing as it’s only 4 months till my birthday I thought I’d do an update […]