birthday happies to The Person

There’s this soul that mine connects with and loves wholly. It’s beautiful, determined and has the childlike desire to learn everything. And as a bonus it comes packaged as one seriously good looking human being. He’s my friend, my love and happy maker. And today I get to celebrate his birth into this world. Happy […]

swim fashions with the Fysh

Fysh is a complete water baby, getting him out the pool is a nightmare which is rather funny as when he was little he was petrified of the water and would cling and scream blue murder, it’s a wonder no one ever called child services during bath time. He insisted today’s post be taken in […]

a tradition passed on

As a kid my dad and I bonded over polony and simba chip sandwiches and flask coffee (which I of course thought was gross but endured cause daddy was drinking it) at 4 in the morning while we set up fishing lines and baited our hooks. I have photos of me at around age 2 […]

Pencils, erasers and the smudged lines

I picked up a pencil today, and not to write or scribble notes either… To actually draw! I’m creative, no use in being modest, I know I am. Lately graphic design has been my creative outlet, sometimes even my camera is. It used to be drawing though, I used to constantly have pencils wedged into […]

meeting the sprogs

I met the oh so lovely @momallott last year when I tweeted that I needed a jogging pram and she just happened to have one in her garage that she didn’t use (don’t you just love twitter?!), well when we met she had 3 sprogs running around (well 2 runners and 1 almost walking) and […]