More than just TV for your family with M-Net Movies this festive season

With the holiday season around the corner and energetic kiddies filling your December days, finding activities and outings to keep their busy minds entertained can be challenging. The great news is that M-Net Movies Family has solved this question for you two-fold. They have scheduled a fun family movie every day at 4pm on DStv […]

The art of brick

Last night we got to attend the opening of The Art of Brick exhibition at the waterfront and I’m so glad we went! Statues and paintings and even a dinosaur skeleton made entirely out of lego! The one (whistlers mother) was made out of 15 thousand and something bricks!!! It’s hard to explain so I’ll […]

favourite spot in your own city #blogvember

Tough one, there’s a spot on Table Mountain you can drive up to and it over looks the city, stunning place to park and have a night picnic. Either that or the R44 market. We go every now and then as The Person lives up the road from it. Literally.

blue hair don’t care

So Fysh came to ask me if he could colour his hair blue, now he’s been asking this for a while and I keep brushing it off. He has this thing about being the only blonde, he used to love it when I was blonde but now that I have dark hair he doesn’t want […]