the death of a loved one

I’ve been meaning to write this since it happened last week but I haven’t gotten round to putting the words in my head down onto a post. I’ve written a few posts in my head and none of them do her justice which is why I’ve been quiet. We lost a family member Monday evening […]

win with @MRPfashion

One of the sponsors at the mom blog meet was Mr Price Fashion and boy did they make an effort, our packages were in beautiful boxes with big bows and our names on them and inside the items were wrapped individually in tissue paper and washi tape. But if it being pretty wasn’t enough the […]

it’s a public holiday

The sailing world doesn’t take note of public holidays so I had to head in to work this morning for a bit but I took Fysh and Joonbug with me! Got all the work done in record time and then we headed off to the dog park in Gardens for a picnic and some down […]

my little family

Last year I won a photoshoot with Erica V Photography over on the stilettomum and for some reason it’s taken us a year to finally get around to doing the damned shoot. Every time we booked it something would come up, I guess that’s what happens when two photographers try and sync their calendars! Finally […]

Cupcakes and sailors

The things i do for the men that make up what i begrudgingly lovingly refer to as #theclan… This evening for example: 19:30 shamus finally saunters in after a long day of qualifying for his diesel instructors certificate, he’s passed and is in a brilliant mood. He’s missed dinner as Ian and i where hungry […]