mom. what’s a manwhore?

Have you ever had those moments when you’re having an adult conversation thinking it’s safe cause your kid is playing at the jungle gym only to have a little voice pop up asking that awkward question you have no idea how to get around? Yeah… Fysh is the king of those moments. Me: Since the […]

the #CTMeetUp

Okay this post is going to be shorter than I planned because I wrote a really awesome one mentioning EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE and linked to all the amazing sponsors that gifted us at the meet but then wordpress decided you’re not allowed to read it so an error occurred. And nope, a draft of it […]

my 5th mom’s day

6 years ago Fysh came into this world but him arriving in August means that this year is only my 5th mom’s day. The mom hat is a really hard one to bear sometime and even more so when you have to wear the dad hat with it. But this dude, his hugs and kisses […]

because @stylebar makes me look pretty

I was fortunate enough to have another session booked at stylebar as a treat for my birthday. Man I love them, they’re seriously my favourite hair salon, and you shouldn’t take that lightly cause I don’t trust just anyone with my hair, like I said before, I even cut it myself I’m so untrusting. But […]

starting march off right

Usually Sunday’s are spent lazing about doing absolutely nothing but for some reason today isn’t a normal Sunday, it’s the first of the month and something must have sparked in us cause we got busy. An early start to the day thanks to Fysh and his body clock waking him up at 06:30 but we […]

the #CTMomBlogMeet at @grazecapetown

Cindy from 3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 old house arranged a fantastic meet up for mommy bloggers, it was amazing! We all met at Graze in Kenilworth which is the cutest and most accommodating cafe I’ve been to in a long time. Despite having a set menu they actually whipped up the most divine salad […]