kirstenbosch botanical gardens

Every now and them mum arranges a “picnic day” for all her kids (our people are her kids to apparently) so we all packed in some food and drinks and headed to kirstenosch for a morning of walks, magic tricks, good food and even better company :)              

Fysh and Salem

We got guinea pigs earlier this week so of course they had to feature today. I love that Fysh is now “it’s photo day!” when I tell him it’s Friday. We have two guinea’s but Jack is a bit of a wild child and doesn’t like sitting still for photos so Salem was roped in […]

swim fashions with the Fysh

Fysh is a complete water baby, getting him out the pool is a nightmare which is rather funny as when he was little he was petrified of the water and would cling and scream blue murder, it’s a wonder no one ever called child services during bath time. He insisted today’s post be taken in […]

rhodes memorial

After we walked around the old zoo on Sunday we decided to head up a little further and visit Rhodes Memorial as The Person has never been (shock horror). We had fun between the pillars, gawked at the view but left out sitting on the lions as they were baked in the sun and a […]

we nearly died. in the rain.

On Wednesday Fysh and I (because the nanny is still in jozi and granny had other plans) headed through to Fish Hoek for a family shoot (not for us). Not having a phone doesn’t generally bother me but of course there are times when it is rather inconvenient, say perhaps when you reach tokai and […]