sunflowers and no make up selfies

Sometimes things happen that we can’t explain. Sometimes companies really just get it right. This is one of those times. Caffeine and Fairydust asked on her facebook page what is the one thing you really want for mothers day, I didn’t have to think about it, I want flowers from Fysh. Obviously he’s too young […]

stuff you Michael Buble

We were supposed to go see Elf at the waterfront last night, we were all really excited; the picnic basket was packed and blankets were folded. But no one mentioned that Michael Buble was going to be in town… The Person got stuck in traffic for 3 1/2 hours and then because he drives an […]

win two @galileo_cinema tickets!

The Galileo cinema were sponsors at the CT Mom Blog meet and we all got tickets to go watch a movie, Well… I worked a little magic (asked really nicely) and got a spare couples ticket I can give one of you. We’re off to see Elf on the 19th at 20:00 at the V&A […]

custom cupcakes anyone?

The lovely Meg from Mind The Curves and her friend Caryn decided to put their heads and talents together and they came up with “custom cupcakes” a delicious new take on the cupcake business. What do I mean? Well… they have a menu and you get to pick your cupcake flavour, filling and icing! Yes, […]

Favourite restaurant #blogvember

It’s no secret that Plant cafe in the CBD is my absolute favourite place to go, I can eat anything (well bar the stuff with mushrooms in, yuck) off the menu which is heaven because eating salads when you go out gets really tiresome. If you haven’t been before GO! Vegans and non-vegans alike enjoy […]

wheat free vegan cupcakes – banana and peanutbutter

We were invited to a vintage themed farewell for one of The Person’s friends and I suggested we take cupcakes (cause momma taught me never to show up empty handed) and he mentioned that she is wheat intolerant so I decided hell, let’s bake some wheat free vegan cupcakes… For the cake you’ll need: • […]

under construction

A twitter bloggy friend turned real friend has inspired me to “upgrade” the blog a bit. Hopefully when it’s all shiny new I’ll be inspired to update more regularly again (been a bad blogger I know). So while I’m making it all pretty why don’t you let me know what you want to read more […]