i has the blogging sads

I feel like I’ve been failing as a blogger lately, I hardly post and when I have stuff to post I simply don’t feel like it. The blogging world has become so fickle and judgey, not that I really give a damn but it does make it unpleasant to write when people send you bitchy […]

my love language is affirmation

There are 5 love languages and I have come to realise that my love language is words of affirmation. I need to hear I’m doing well and that I’m loved else I fall into a deep dark hole of self doubt and loathing. I don’t talk properly to myself, I struggle with that, always have but […]

i’m definitely a 1 kid mama

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they were hoping there’d be a sibling fysh one day but *pop* I am most definitely a 1 mama kid. Actually, rewind 7 years and I’d have told you the same thing, well I’d have said no kids, maybe maybe one. So I have the one and that’s where […]


I’m so mad now. I’m furious. Not at her but at this fucking disease and all the people who think it’s all in your mind and that it’s easy to just get over and deal with it. I’m mad at myself for not being a better friend, I’m mad because I live so fucking far […]


Protect your self-confidence, by remembering that to be alive is an act of courage. Don’t allow to be unnecessarily influenced by other people thinking. Most of the times we deny our own beauty because others can’t or won’t recognize it. Then, instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see […]

it’s okay. the tshirt.

Depresssion, borderline personality disorder, self harm, addiction. All these things are stigmatised and not talked about but they are real as the people who suffer from them. Thankfully there are people out there who care and who dedicate their lives to helping these people. Recently I hit a REALLY dark time, it was bad, it […]

it’s okay. the book

I watched To write love on her arms (the movie) this weekend and it struck a very big chord with me. If you are/know/love someone with an addiction/disorder/who self harms then PLEASE make an effort to watch it. Because of it my doodles were a little more personal and I doodled a little girl holding […]