4 ingredient vegan “ice cream”

We got an ice cream maker from a friend last month and I finally got around to making some! Fysh absolutely loved it, he sat watching it mix for the first few minutes before he realised it’s not instant and got bored. Decided to give vegan ice cream a try first, because duh, but I’m […]

chickpea couscous with haloumi from @dailydishforyou

200mg haloumi cheese cut into slices (7mm) 250g couscous 2tsp vegetable stock granules 250ml boiling water 1 tin chickpeas – open and drain 200g cherry tomatoes 3tbsp red wine vinegar 3tbsp olive oil 1 fresh chilli – deseeded and chopped fine 6 leaves fresh mint chopped coarsely 6leaves basil torn into pieces 25g butter cling […]

bunless chickpea burgers

We had the most amazing burgers last night and I just have to share it so you can go make your own and have a moment as well. So here goes: blend soaked chickpeas until not quite smooth like for humus, add chop onion, parsley, chillies (optional) salt pepper etc. Add in flour and one […]

from hogsmead with love…

It’s that wonderful hallmark holiday today, you know the one – it’s that one that rubs it in your face that you’re single and have to buy your own flowers. Not that I want flowers seeing as they keel over after a few days anyway but you get the point. And on that note… I […]

a giveaway #sogood you HAVE to enter

Yesterday the postman came to my house with an awesome little parcel, no it wasn’t brown or tied up in string but it was exciting never the less… it was a gift from KFC! You all know KFC, you know the irresistible smell and the finger licking goodness, and if you don’t. erm… where have […]