wouldn’t you be upset?

I let Fysh’s aunt fetch him for an ice cream at the beach, Fysh was at mum so she picked him up and dropped him off there again. Nothing out of the ordinary, she tries to make an effort to be in his life and to see him and I’m thankful for that. What I […]

introduce your family #blogvember

My family is an amazing one, we’re close knit (ish) and live close (ish) together. Shamus (my dad) actually loves with me when he’s in South Africa (usually he’s in Zanzibar) and Fysh likes having gramps stay with us. Most of the time anyway. Mom is like a second mom to Fysh and he’ll happily […]

kid free weekend!

Yeah yeah I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as I am but aaaaah a kid free weekend! Friday: The Fyshness is staying with his Aunty Panda while The Person and I get to attend the Good Food and Wine show as Media (yay us!) which means we’ll get to sit in on the […]