bring the funk junk swop

I attended my very first of the infamous junk swops arranged by Meg from Mind The Curves and I throughly enjoyed every minute of it! So I walked into her house with 3 rather large tog bags full of clothing that I sorted out my cupboard that I don’t wear (yes I’m a bit of […]

home made pizza and cocktails

The Person is away this weekend, off visiting his mom so it’s just Fysh and I. I’d say it’s nice bonding time for us but we see each other every day so *cough* yeah not really but I think he was happy to have mommy all to himself for a weekend which is a good […]

let’s make playdough!

Fysh loves playdough but he has this horrid habit of melding the colours together to make something resembling a giant lump of cow poop or forgetting it out and then it dries (or misplacing it and then letting mummy find a giant colourful “rock” months later) so constantly having to buy it get’s rather expensive. […]

Pêpa – giveaway

Monday’s have definitely become giveaway day here! Loving it, what better way to start a week than to give away something awesome?! Particularly something local and even more so something handmade! This week it’s something for the moms with girls, or the aunts with nieces or even grand-moms with granddaughters… Pêpa offers clothes of exceptional individuality as nothing […]