illustration workshop hosted by ME!

Illustration A fun workshop with watercolours and pencils, putting pictures to words Price: R480.00 Time: 2-5pm Date: 12 September 2015 Venue: I Love My Laundry, 50 Buitenkant Street, East City, Cape Town. What you get: A watercolour starter kit, paintbrushes, pencils, an eraser and a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. (Should you want […]

laziest day ever

It’s a Youth day which makes it a public holiday but you know that whole working for yourself means no holidays gig? Well I decided stuff it I’m taking a holiday day and I did nothing but draw and watch movies with Fysh. Okay so maybe it wasn’t all that willingly taken, having Fysh at […]

send some mail

A while back I was given an opportunity to have a few cards printed at industry quality and rates. With cashflow being what it is I almost declined but then decided hell, run a print and get just a few of them. So I’d like to introduce a limited batch of cards of Charlie painted […]

you people in my Mac

I have met and made “friends” with so many people on SM since joining. People from all walks at life that I’d never have met unless I was on SM. Because of it I’ve written a book with a friend, I’ve designed a magazine cover with another, found love and been able to keep up […]

right. let’s do this shit!

So as of yesterday (well Tuesday) my life took a turn and I’m officially a freelancer. I am my own boss. The only person that can put me down or pick me up now is me. I am scared fucking shitless, it’s nerve wrecking and daunting and I feel like I’m way in over my […]

Let’s colour!

Due to the popularity of last week’s colouring in page I thought I’d share another one this week again. Because Monday’s need colouring! Same designer as last week – Valentina Harper – but I have a few of my own coming soon :)

the castle of cupcakes

We got a lovely book in the post called The Castle of Cupcakes by Lynn Bedford Hall (the food writer) and of course I couldn’t wait to get home and read it to Fysh, who by the way thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a story about Mattie who enters a secret dreamworld of animals every night, […]