illustration workshop hosted by ME!

Illustration A fun workshop with watercolours and pencils, putting pictures to words Price: R480.00 Time: 2-5pm Date: 12 September 2015 Venue: I Love My Laundry, 50 Buitenkant Street, East City, Cape Town. What you get: A watercolour starter kit, paintbrushes, pencils, an eraser and a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. (Should you want […]

you people in my Mac

I have met and made “friends” with so many people on SM since joining. People from all walks at life that I’d never have met unless I was on SM. Because of it I’ve written a book with a friend, I’ve designed a magazine cover with another, found love and been able to keep up […]

a work update

I’ve been with this company for 5 months now, my probation ends next month so hold thumbs I’ve wowed them enough to stay on board. I can honestly say I’m enjoying it. Yes it’s an office environment and I still haven’t really adjusted well to being cooped up indoors all day but I’m managing. I […]

Dear Person.

Tomorrow is that one day a year that you’ve got to declare your love to your loved ones but in my opinion if they don’t already know how you feel about them then you’re clearly doing something wrong. One day a year shouldn’t be about flowers and hearts and all that nausea inducing hallmark crap […]

here, have a calendar…

Well okay not a WHOLE calendar but have something for January, it’s plain and boring but I needed something to put up next to my desk so I doodled quickly and friends asked to share it so I did. Download it, print it, share it, burn it, ignore it… I’m going to upload one each […]

flipflopping and upside down

I just signed my work contract and I’m feeling nauseous. I feel anxious and trapped. Talk about taking commitment phobia to a whole new level. It’s weird though because you wouldn’t peg me as being afraid of commitment; I mean yeah sure the thought of marriage scares me senseless but I am in a committed […]