i’m definitely a 1 kid mama

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they were hoping there’d be a sibling fysh one day but *pop* I am most definitely a 1 mama kid. Actually, rewind 7 years and I’d have told you the same thing, well I’d have said no kids, maybe maybe one. So I have the one and that’s where […]

monkey see monkey do

I’ve been boxing on and off for almost two years now and Fysh has been going with me since day one so it’s to no surprise that he’s now decided he also wants to do it. He usually joins us when we’re doing our cool down exercises but I’ve had a chat with the owner […]

when I grow up

It’s back to school and that means my “little” is officially in grade R now! Where the hell has time gone? A friend has nicknamed her daughter “the time vortex” and I could’ have described kids better, you don’t realise how quickly life passes you by until you have a child! Every year on the first day […]

newlands forest

We had a picnic with @hir_to_their and her gorgeous family in newlands forest this morning and after they left we decided to stay a little longer and do some exploring. Fysh had insisted on bringing his guitar along to the picnic which worked out great (even though I ended up carrying it back)

a little something from Mr Price

Did you know that Mr Price has an online store? I didn’t but wow that makes life so much easier! Sometimes there are things at certain stores but not at ours so now instead of missing out all I have to do is log on and voila there it is, the best thing I noticed was […]

Keedo – Giveaway

Keedo has just relaunched their site and look and made it so much more user friendly and ten times easier to purchase cute clothes for baby, toddler and kids online! (I mean to purchase online not for kids online haha) and I can vouch for this as I’ve actually used their store ;) Their clothes are […]