bring the funk junk swop

I attended my very first of the infamous junk swops arranged by Meg from Mind The Curves and I throughly enjoyed every minute of it! So I walked into her house with 3 rather large tog bags full of clothing that I sorted out my cupboard that I don’t wear (yes I’m a bit of […]

Dear Fysh, your confidence inspires me.

You dude have turned into one of the most confident souls I know and it’s inspiring. You used to refuse to wear certain things because in your words “my friends will laugh at me” but since changing schools you’ve really grown into yourself. I know you tell me you want to stay home and that […]

blue hair don’t care

So Fysh came to ask me if he could colour his hair blue, now he’s been asking this for a while and I keep brushing it off. He has this thing about being the only blonde, he used to love it when I was blonde but now that I have dark hair he doesn’t want […]

do blondes have more fun?

So originally I planned on colouring my hair pink, cotton candy pink. I went and got the colour, bought the peroxides and all that and got as far as bleaching my hair. When changing from one colour to the next I tend to like starting from a blank canvas, not really something I’ve done in […]


Wahoooo! I’m still here, still alive! Well still breathing at least… I am so ridiculously behind on writing reviews, blog posts etc I want to hide in a corner and pretend they aren’t all glaring at me. Month end I leave Amazon. *cries* Off to a new job with “normal” hours which means I’ll have […]

pink is my favourite crayon

Aaaaand to celebrate my first day of work tomorrow my hair is now pink. A new chapter in our life deserves a new colour right? Well it’s supposed to be pink anyway, hot hot pink to be exact (and it glows under black light!) but I think it came out more a purple. I thought […]


I have nothing newsworthy to report at the moment. It’s sad but also comforting. Nothing has changed much at the moment other than my hair (it’s back to blue, well more like green-ish teal but no longer brown at least), I’m still broke, still waiting on Amazon to get their shit together and let me […]