handmade bags, poppers and sushi

Yesterday was the hallmark holiday that the majority of the population dreads and the other part loves with far too much of a passion. We didn’t outright say we weren’t celebrating it but there was a mutual agreement that we weren’t going to do the whole hearts and flowers thing. This morning we missioned through to […]

favourite spot in your own city #blogvember

Tough one, there’s a spot on Table Mountain you can drive up to and it over looks the city, stunning place to park and have a night picnic. Either that or the R44 market. We go every now and then as The Person lives up the road from it. Literally.

The R44 market

First time heading to the R44 market and it reminded me a lot of a giant version of the Biscuit Mill market but better cause there is a little more space to move around where as at the Biscuit Mill you’re so squished and bumped and poked that it’s actually unpleasant (reason I only went […]

Jam Tarts – Giveaway

This giveaway is from the beautiful lady who brought us the crocheted house slippers last winter! Despite walking holes into a pair I still wear mine. They’re a definite must have. But awesome slippers aside, this lady is a crochet crafty genius and I intend on stalking her in the new year until she teaches […]