my 5th mom’s day

6 years ago Fysh came into this world but him arriving in August means that this year is only my 5th mom’s day. The mom hat is a really hard one to bear sometime and even more so when you have to wear the dad hat with it. But this dude, his hugs and kisses […]

introduce your family #blogvember

My family is an amazing one, we’re close knit (ish) and live close (ish) together. Shamus (my dad) actually loves with me when he’s in South Africa (usually he’s in Zanzibar) and Fysh likes having gramps stay with us. Most of the time anyway. Mom is like a second mom to Fysh and he’ll happily […]

woah buddy!

I just watched the minion unlock and open the backdoor all by himself. This just points out how much and how quickly he’s grown because when we moved in here he couldn’t even walk yet! He’s five now, FIVE, I am mom to a freaking five year old. When exactly did that happen?! I still […]

growing up but still me

Isn’t it wonderfully scary how things change? How WE change? Had you told me 5 years ago I’d be where I am today I’d have called you a liar. 5 years ago I was pregnant and alone and feeling like a complete failure. 5 years ago I felt like there was absolutely no way I’d […]

“but, you look normal?”

Um, well thanks. So do you. I would never have guessed you to be an ignorant dick. “No, I just mean that you don’t look, you know, like they do in the movies…” I’ve heard this countless times, no I’m not kidding, particularly when for some reason any one of my “differences” comes up in […]

I love you more in Filipi

You know how a kid often calls you nonstop? “MOM, MOM, MOOOOOOOOM, MOMMY, MOM!!!” Even if you’re standing right next to them?! Yeah my kid does that and I get that annoying “WHAT?!” pretty quickly which he somehow always knows how to diffuse with “I love you mom” then walks away. < I mean how […]

last day blues

  Ever seen those old westerns where they tie the limbs of someone to four different horses then get said equine to run off in different directions? I feel like that’s being done to me today. I’m having a bad parenting day, not in the sense that Fysh is being difficult but in the sense […]