you need to get yourself the worlds best pan!

Remember when I told you about that time that Neill Anthony cooked lunch for me? Well the whole reason was because they were launching a pan, and not just any pan… the world’s BEST pan. That’s actually what it’s called, it’s printed on the label and everything. And you know what? They aren’t kidding either, […]

that time i did a voice over course

Sometimes the strangest opportunities come our way and if you have parents like mine then you were also brought up to grab at those opportunities when they come no matter how strange or seemingly useless they might be. I got an invite to join in on a voice over course. I had no idea what […]

Dino’s and Kuga’s

Ford sent me a Kuga (yes I know, I’m a spoiled brat) with a fully stocked picnic (go on and hate me) for the family with instructions to take a mini road trip to Kirstenbosch and have a really great day so we did! Thankfully the weather played nice and we got to lay under […]

send some mail

A while back I was given an opportunity to have a few cards printed at industry quality and rates. With cashflow being what it is I almost declined but then decided hell, run a print and get just a few of them. So I’d like to introduce a limited batch of cards of Charlie painted […]

Mad Max Fury Road {Review}

It’s a car chase through the desert. A really long car chase with a whole lot of shooting and explosions, some crazy half breed zombie kinda people, a Charlize Theron, some Australian models and a hot Max. That’s about the summary of the movie, the short version and the long. Oh and no, you don’t […]

the #CTMeetUp

Okay this post is going to be shorter than I planned because I wrote a really awesome one mentioning EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE and linked to all the amazing sponsors that gifted us at the meet but then wordpress decided you’re not allowed to read it so an error occurred. And nope, a draft of it […]

chickpea couscous with haloumi from @dailydishforyou

200mg haloumi cheese cut into slices (7mm) 250g couscous 2tsp vegetable stock granules 250ml boiling water 1 tin chickpeas – open and drain 200g cherry tomatoes 3tbsp red wine vinegar 3tbsp olive oil 1 fresh chilli – deseeded and chopped fine 6 leaves fresh mint chopped coarsely 6leaves basil torn into pieces 25g butter cling […]