because @stylebar makes me look pretty

I was fortunate enough to have another session booked at stylebar as a treat for my birthday. Man I love them, they’re seriously my favourite hair salon, and you shouldn’t take that lightly cause I don’t trust just anyone with my hair, like I said before, I even cut it myself I’m so untrusting. But […]

here, have a calendar…

Well okay not a WHOLE calendar but have something for January, it’s plain and boring but I needed something to put up next to my desk so I doodled quickly and friends asked to share it so I did. Download it, print it, share it, burn it, ignore it… I’m going to upload one each […]

sleeve update

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a sleeve but just never got around to it, mainly for financial reasons but I have an arrangement with the tattoo shop where I run their social media in exchange for ink. It works for both of us and it also means I get my sleeve… […]

Beau Joubert Vineyard – Giveaway

Remember that little sparrow I painted with wine for a label competition? Well I’ve stayed in touch with them because they are awesome and their PR person is such a stunning lady! Kudos to them on that cause it’s always great when companies actually interact with others and don’t just have those robotic accounts and […]

but North is up?

Mom always teases me that if I don’t stop getting tattooed at some point I’m going to look like I’ve been attacked with a wet newspaper and whoever I go to bed with it going to wake up thinking wtf, and as I always tell her – well at least it was a newspaper with […]