spotty frog sandwich cutters – giveaway

Those of you who read my blog often know that I’ve done a sandwich cutter giveaway with Spotty Frog before and you’ll also know how frigging awesome they are! Do any of you cut the crusts off your minions bread like I do? Fysh might have gotten the habit from me though as even till […]


Not sure if you heard but I was thinking of doing an advent style giveaway on my blog this December… Concept: Based on the way kids open an advent calendar and get a little treat everyday from December first till Christmas eve, we don’t really get to do that anymore so I thought it would […]

Lunch Punch sandwich cutters review and giveaway

We got the cutest delivery from Spotty Frog last week – lunch punch sandwich cutters! So let’s give them the soapbox and hear what they have to say about their product: Lunch punch sandwich cutters are here to save the day!!! This fantastic new product is special, easy, fun and healthy: Now you can cut off […]