cake, jungle gyms and curry

It was my birthday on the 28th and I wasn’t going to really do anything to celebrate it but then I won a cake on Caffeine and Fairydust‘s blog from Bosworth Bakery so I decided to take it as a sign and set up a day to invite everyone to celebrate with me. I tend […]

handmade bags, poppers and sushi

Yesterday was the hallmark holiday that the majority of the population dreads and the other part loves with far too much of a passion. We didn’t outright say we weren’t celebrating it but there was a mutual agreement that we weren’t going to do the whole hearts and flowers thing. This morning we missioned through to […]

jonkershoek hearts day hike

We decided to hike the Jonkershoek trail for valentines day, it’s just another hallmark holiday and though we didn’t want to do anything hearts and flowers we still wanted to do something so we decided that a little “family” outing was a good idea. And good plan it was. We of course forgot our water […]

fatness to fitness – week one

I was beyond nervous getting on the scale this morning as last week was really difficult and I was sick over the weekend (still am) but despite that there are results! I don’t expect numbers like this every week as I know the first few will be quicker because I have more to lose but it makes me […]

peopled out

I’m certain that I have spent more time around people since The Person got back than I did the entirety of last month. I’m not complaining, he has the best of friends who’ve taken me in without hesitation but shoo am I drained! I can’t say I’ve been the nicest person today and I feel […]


Yesterday we went to Babylonstoren, one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms. It has the most amazing gardens that could take you days to walk through. There are fruit forests, fountains, flowers of all colours and types, a giant swing, a restaurant and coffee shop, a little curio shop and mini nursery where you can pick a […]

Hello 2015!

Best way to start a new year? With friends and loved ones! We brought in the new year at the farm with the sound of frogs, laughter and popping corks which was brilliant even though I only barely made midnight. The Fyshness decided that he was going to have a nap so that he can stay […]