swim fashions with the Fysh

Fysh is a complete water baby, getting him out the pool is a nightmare which is rather funny as when he was little he was petrified of the water and would cling and scream blue murder, it’s a wonder no one ever called child services during bath time. He insisted today’s post be taken in […]

dear santa

It’s that time of year again, the shops have been decorated for months now and the carols are being piped in, the christmas movies are starting to schedule and the summer sun is intensifying, yup, the festive season is here. Though we don’t have our tree up yet (it’s blasphemy to have decor up before […]

favourite time of the year #blogvember

Autumn, hands down autumn and second up spring. I adore the mid-seasons, the sun is warm but not blistering and the cold is cool but not biting. I love the overcast days that only lightly nip at your toes and the lack of harsh winds. I like watching the leaves change colour and leave the […]


So yesterday wasn’t ALL bad, we had a little swimming fun at the farm, well the boys did while I sat painting. And we got to cut open what we dubbed a “pumpkermelon” which was hilarious (it’s a watermelon that cross pollinated with a pumpkin!)

you should try out @N2iceCreamLab

Have you been to the N2iceCreamLab in Parklands yet? You should try it out if you haven’t. They have this whole different way of making ice cream where they actually freeze it with liquid Nitrogen and because the ice crystals are so much smaller than when you freeze it normally the ice cream it produces […]