home made pizza and cocktails

The Person is away this weekend, off visiting his mom so it’s just Fysh and I. I’d say it’s nice bonding time for us but we see each other every day so *cough* yeah not really but I think he was happy to have mommy all to himself for a weekend which is a good […]

about sleeves and other things

I have quite a bit of ink already, a fair collection I think, and I am in love with all of them, okay most of them. My sleeve is coming along really well and I adore the process of it becoming fuller, it’s taking time but that’s because I add to it slowly, the full […]

ink and ice creams

I went for some more ink today. Oh that feeling you get when you hear that buzz… I think it’s only something ink addicts would understand though. We added onto my sleeve, one of these day’s it will be done and it will be a beautiful masterpiece with no flesh left uninked. It’s going to […]

sleeve update

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a sleeve but just never got around to it, mainly for financial reasons but I have an arrangement with the tattoo shop where I run their social media in exchange for ink. It works for both of us and it also means I get my sleeve… […]