about sleeves and other things

I have quite a bit of ink already, a fair collection I think, and I am in love with all of them, okay most of them. My sleeve is coming along really well and I adore the process of it becoming fuller, it’s taking time but that’s because I add to it slowly, the full […]

neglecting cupcakes

I’ve been a terrible blogger the past few months, I haven’t really been giving it much attention and have given preference to my writing of Like Life instead and I’ve recently started a second book which has been getting a lot of attention as well so when I’m not writing I’m drawing or working. So my […]

but North is up?

Mom always teases me that if I don’t stop getting tattooed at some point I’m going to look like I’ve been attacked with a wet newspaper and whoever I go to bed with it going to wake up thinking wtf, and as I always tell her – well at least it was a newspaper with […]

Otherside the lens

I’ve never been truly confident with this body I live in, not sure why as I know it’s just a means to a shell but with the pressures of socitey I suppose it’s no wonder I feel this way. Because of this I am not often in front of a camera (though instagram is different […]

I refuse to sink

After a busy morning wearing my photographer persona at a cute princess party for miss gabbi who turned five today and then an afternoon of editing I decided it was time to put my feet up, put harry potter on and browse pinterest for a little bit while Ian and fysh did whatever boys do. […]