i’m definitely a 1 kid mama

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble if they were hoping there’d be a sibling fysh one day but *pop* I am most definitely a 1 mama kid. Actually, rewind 7 years and I’d have told you the same thing, well I’d have said no kids, maybe maybe one. So I have the one and that’s where […]

the death of a loved one

I’ve been meaning to write this since it happened last week but I haven’t gotten round to putting the words in my head down onto a post. I’ve written a few posts in my head and none of them do her justice which is why I’ve been quiet. We lost a family member Monday evening […]


pretty toes

I have found the best pedicure giving person (pedicurist?) around and the best news is he doesn’t even charge! So he might colour outside the lines a little and I might end up sporting different coloured nails on each foot but he loves it and who am I to deny him that. Although… He hasn’t […]


It’s alright if I take a moment to punch the wall and scream and cry into a pillow right? I just sent the minion to bed a half hour early because I simply can not deal today. I have been feeling “wishy washy” all day and it just got progressively worse. By the time home-time […]

woah buddy!

I just watched the minion unlock and open the backdoor all by himself. This just points out how much and how quickly he’s grown because when we moved in here he couldn’t even walk yet! He’s five now, FIVE, I am mom to a freaking five year old. When exactly did that happen?! I still […]

ink and ice creams

I went for some more ink today. Oh that feeling you get when you hear that buzz… I think it’s only something ink addicts would understand though. We added onto my sleeve, one of these day’s it will be done and it will be a beautiful masterpiece with no flesh left uninked. It’s going to […]